Saturday, September 13, 2008

dRunKeNneSS iS cOntAgiOUs

the first time i went to a pub. well many.
actually we went club hopping. many pubs and a disc to top the evening of.

ofcourse i didn't drink.
jeez man, can you imagine the disaster i could have visited on the world, if drunk ??

so i spent the evening observing my increasingly drunk friends, video taping their antics and gawking at the rest of the whites.

i did enjoy most parts of the evening. the limo, the loud offkey singing of old hindi songs, the hand in hand stroll down the streets and finally the dancing. ofcourse it was a bit odd. since i was the only single person in the disc, nay perhaps in the entire city of denver out for the night... i did get elbowed a couple of times. some frantically dancing female did try to sock me in the eye a couple of times...
sigh.. what i wudnt give for electric stunner sometimes..

the best part of the day was the next day. now did that make any sense?? perhaps not. did i mention the getting drunk through osmosis part? i did feel that sometimes.... it was a very pleasant sensation. the only indication that something was wrong was when i was laughing. and didnt stop. :-/
well anyways, the next day i was able to clearly give everyone a detailed account of their actions the previous day. including the guy who pretended to be an airplane and flew around the room. :P

hey, who needs to drink to have fun ? watching all you drunks is good enough for me


  1. DAMN.

    you reminded me of the summers.



  2. Drunk by Osmosis!!! Talk about Second-hand alcohol!!

    Wait till I tell the rest about it .

  3. Osmosis! sheeths redining passive drinking r ya !!