Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kHudA jaAnE

another report of a tragedy. this time a friend's friend. went swimming with a group of friends in baroda. and well.. didnt make it. i think a 21 year old lad.

now all of you who know me , know i DO NOT deal well with such news. mind goes into instant shit down. and i really don't know what to tell what my friend. except that i'm sorry for her loss.

but then i'm reminded of a lot of things i'm sorry for. last year a classmate of mine had a similar fate. at the time i was up to writing some sort of eulogy for her. i think. but this time my mind is such a blank i can't even do that. i can't think of the horror of the parents. the rest of their lives they would spend saying 'if only'.

i think those are the worst words in the english language.

i wish i was an ostrich.