Friday, July 10, 2009

yEhi Hai ziNDagi

so for some reason i'm hooked on to that show by tyra banks. heyy models are ppl too you know! and what? u think you're smarter than them aren't you?

well excccuuuuuse me. but any lady who can go from being a model, to almost owning a tvnetwork. [ wait does she ?? ] and producing and directing and inventing and influencing so many ppl... well model or not , she can't be dumb. she sure's smarter than us...

but those shows are interesting. i mean really, not a big fan of reality tv shows. except out here, u can see some interesting photography. AND you can really see how even the most beautiful ppl are full of neuroses and insecurities. and how sometimes even the ugliest girls can look good in a snap. [ oooh good tips there ]
but see here. a bunch of neurotic, self absorbed girls in a house. almost bordering on crazy, and.. and.. well nothing. i just find it interesting that's all....
besides its summer u know. what can you do, when you're so sick you can't even stand up straight. though i feel a lot better today. not like i'm gonna fall off my chair any that's when u start watching random shows.. but if i ever start watching shows like hitched or dicthed [ wat the... ], then pls, can u take that gun and just shoot me?? or hit me on the head with it ??

still got half the summer left ! yaay ^_^
ooooh gotta post those pics of east OR and rest of the places.
i really need a better way to organize my pics... hmmm... ooh oooh guess what? i'm headed to the library today !!
after so long :)

so my mom's coming. oh god.
no further comments.

so L's coming to stay with me :)
that's so cool..
nice to have ppl around.

on another note, i can see my dreams of an idle life just fade away. pace picking up. oh god is this what they mean about being sucked into the vortex of life?


almost had an argument with N the other day. well... managed to fob it off, in the very last minute. well the whole thing started with her assertion that Pepsi as a company does NOT need to exist.
well now, i don't know about not needing to exist. i mean come on. atleast they're 100% energy friendly. they like self sustainable or something.
and wat about the ppl they employee. sure thing they're happy pepsi exists.
and what about quaker oats !! :O
i love my granola , with honey and nuts quaker oats cereal. i'd be very very sad if THAT went away.

my assertion was that pepsi like most of the stuff man has come up with [ in his infinite brilliance ( stupidity ?? ) is just part of the natural cycle of civilization and destruction.

heyyy sure we're destroying the planet, but i've made my peace with it. i mean u DO realize the world is coming to an end in 2012 right? until then, i dont care. make all the pepsi bottles u want... [ u can clearly see, the strain of worrying over the planet has finally cracked me in the head. and left me with a gaping hole in the middle of my head... ]

but yeah... can't really say Pepsi needs to disappear like thin smoke. Holy baloney, if something REALLy needs to go, its underwear. i mean who the heck invented that??!! or cars, [ oh apparently cars are NECESSARY to go from one place to another .. ]
or computers... or airplanes or ...or....KFC... i mean why stop with pepsi?? everyone just quit they're jobs and go back to farming for they're own food.
you DO realize that's the only TRUE planet friendly option we have??

hmmmph. yup i narrowly managed to avoid a fight with N :P

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