Sunday, July 12, 2009

dAnciNg tO a diFferENt tUne

ok so this is nothing related to the song, the spirit of the song.. nothing... nothing at all.

so we go to a dace club/lounge something sat night. was i just complaining that nothing really happens to me nowadays????

9:15 PM
well i was all tucked in my bed, reading this mystery...exhausted after my day spent basking in the sun in the library park on a blanket and with a pillow :P and i get this call. from P.

"heyy, how bout a dance club?"
"uhhhh... not really. am in the middle of this ..."
"oh god!! will you.... like look alive. come ON"
"hmmm , [ i did promise to be a 'yes man' from now on.. and i had this heavy dinner that i need to burn off... ] oh all right. i'll do it"
"yaay. k get ready. we're leaving at 10:30"

10:56 PM
still no sign of these guys. am almost ready to turn in , when they all barge in and hustle me out the door. the 5 of us. we're out the door , on our way towards portland downtown and to a dance club!!
each of us tries to one up the other...
"i've been here for 2 yrs and this is my first time to a club!"
"i've been here 8 months and this is my 4th time going to downtown for anything"
"i'm better than all u losers, atleast ive been here only 4 months"

we go there and there is this line like half way round the block. our jaws hit the floor. and my knees already begin to ache. [ jeez man i'm just growing too old for this ] but we stand , and chat up. and the only way we get ahead is that at 15 min intervals, the ppl in front of us, give up and leave. [ yaay! ]
when we're 3 groups away from the door. we suddenly overhear the 'guy' telling someone else, they take only cash :O

11:43 PM
we don't have cash!! uh oh. ok one go to the left, one to the right and 2 ppl stay where we are to hold our place in the line.

S: "where r they going??? [ at P's retreating back ] they accept card man. i know that they do most places"
me: "yeah, but u see the guy just told they don't. so these guys.."
S: "no, but they accept cards man. i'm pretty sure ..."
me: "yes, but that's what i'm telling you.. right now they don't.."
S: "but they.."
me: "god woman!! they said they don't!! wat r u arguing with me for?? i'd happily accept your card you know!!"
S: shuts up. phew.

uh oh. we're next and 3 ppl are missing. and uh oh. now wat.
and while i start almost hyper ventillating. the guy kindly sayas they got an ATM inside. [ dude didnt u just send my friends on a wild goose chase searching for an ATM the last time we asked you , if u had an ATM inside?? ]
so we call these folks back. right on time. coz they hadn't found the ATM and were about to get in the car and drive off to find the nearest ATM [ really?? ]
so we're in. we've paid. and all that stuff.

and we go to the dance floor.
oh god.

12:15 PM
look at all these ppl. and the lights. oww my eyes. u know if i had epilepsy , these lights are just seizures waiting to happen... but b4 i cud yell that joke in S's ear...i'm bumped by these dude grinding against some dudette.
"oh sorry. < bump > excuse me. sorry. < bump > excuse me < shove > sorry. excuse me < push > oh god. too many ppl. must. get. out."

well then. H tells us the back wud be less crowded and we manage to get there. in one piece. without accidentally feeling anyone. [ thank god! ] and there are the liiights and the music. and i feel the beginnings of a mild headache. but i'm determined to enjoy myself. [ heyy. this is supposed to be fun and i'm no oldy poldy aunty figure ]
so we dance... which is nice for like 5 minutes. coz we have some space and we're doing ok. and i like to dance.. [ yes yes i do. now stop rolling on the floor and laughing will ya? its not THAT funny!! ]
and the dude's decide to get a drink. so they try to tell us, and we don't understand, so they tell us through the age old sign language. and we're like ok. that's ok. go get ur drink. we'll be here. so we nod our heads.

now its S, A and me. the girls. while P and H have gone to the bar.
and we're dancing. this is nice.... and we dance.


after some time i see A has closed her eyes to get into the spirit of things and is dancing away to glory. moving her ass in all her joy while she doesn't know it, but she's kind of giving 2 black guys behind her a really nice show [ my back is to the wall. hey! i'm AWARE of who's around me 360 deg ALL the time babe ]
and i'm like 'shhh u better come this way, u don't wanna give a free lap standing dance to random folks in the club.. and girl.. she's refusing to come this way.... and i give up. i mean what do i care, if this black dude, thinks A's coming on to him. ooops wait u better come this way RIGHT NOW. he's really looking at ur ass. so i bend to her ear and yell. "UR ASS IS IN HIS FACE"
sorry needed something drastic to get her attention.

on my other side S is swaying like a graceful willow and routinely bumping into passing guys.. [ now i don't know if the guys were passing coz she was swaying like a graceful willow.... ]
and then this guy comes out of nowhere and holds her hand.

oh yaeah... she freaked out.

and i turned to look watsup. and this black dude is standing there and asking her for a dance. now i'm confused. A still hasn't opened her eyes. and i don't want to butt in and answer for S and tell the guy to shoo away. so she looks at me with a grimace and i really can't read her. so i'm not sure if she's willing but i'm busy shaking my head in a no.. and he's like
"come oonnnn one dance. you're in a club, just one dance" and she's like smiling and we're trying to say no. the 2 of us. and then A opens her eyes and by now he's like. "all 3 of u. just one dance.." and we're like. oh god how do we get rid of this dude.. and we're like.. "uhhhh okkkkk"
and he's right next to me and starts dancing. and i'm like

ok now i'm in a standing fetal position. hunched up on myself.

gud lord. i thought u meant DANCE. not .. now... watever ur doing.. < me spluttering > and A sees my horrified expression frozen on my face. and finally comes alive, leans towards the guy and says "our boyfriends are at the bar, we're just waiting for them"
which is like VERY GOOD A. and now the guy says "aah ok. theh enjoy urself ladies and walks away"


well it wasn't as bad as all that. prob just not more than 3 seconds. but still.


and then S taps me on the shoulder and says, lets go to the middle of the crowd. more ppl there. and i'm like " ARE U INSANE?? why wud u want to gyrate with random strangers rubbing against u. ugh. really? i mean really?" and she reads my look pretty accurately and shuts up. [ obv i don't belong in a epilepsy siezure causing club ]

and then H comes back and i grab and hold on to him for dear life. ok ok we're going to sit at this table, coz P is really hungry and hasn't had dinner... alright. but heyy isn't the club gonna close down in like an hour and we're not gonna be able to da... oh alright watever. and we go to this table. nice. and then the orig 3 ask for snaps. and i'm like really? really? photographs? inside a club? and ur not happy with the one i just took coz u don't look good in it? really?? how good do u expect the snaps with this lighting??
so i try a cuople of different modes in the camera. hit the jackpot at indoor, and take some 'satisfactory' one's. man these photograph maniacs are wearing me thin by now.

so they have the fish and the chicken and watever. and i'm ..actually don't know what i was doing. just ppl watching. i guess. like watching random ppl hookup and hit on each other...S wanted to meet guys and i'm trying to wrap my brain around that concept. these guy? THESE drunk and grinding with other females guys??? she wanted to meet THEM??

1:36 PM
so we're finally done eating. we still got 20 min. but now everyone's full and sleepy [ oh brilliant. mebe u want me to burp u too.. u babies ]
and we go on the floor. and we had about 5-10 good min of dancing. before the DJ suddenly switches to the slow songs.

damn. none of us know wat to do now. i mean really. wat the.... A and P are the wierdest couple possible. coz A continues to close her eyes and dance with her shoulder to her bf. and unfortunately P is no longer hungry and has some whiskey in him. so he's in the mood, i think and i'm sorry. but i'm busy laughing my head off. :P

and we wait. P thinks there's usually a good song right in the end. while H says naah DJ's winding down. and i'm like.. lets just go. coz..

uh oh
uh oh

right behind A. uh oh. we see a guy-a girl-and a guy. and this is NOT GOOD
coz they're .. gud lord.

and then i turn the other way and i see 2 women ... lets just say, getting realllly comfortable with each other :O
and now everywhere i look its ppl ... uuhhhh doing stuff. which i really don't want to see. and now there's A gawking at the ppl. and her jaw has already hit the floor. so i'm pulling on P's hand. ok that's it. lets go man. lets go.
and H is laughing his head off. and i'm like lets all go. and they want to wait for the end of the evening song. and i'm like wat the.... why are we staying back to watch live porn. and this is not chennai clubs dude. dude THERE IS NO fast song in the end..

2:03 PM
and we finally leave.


ofcourse we get a bit lost on the way home from downtown [ i was navigating wasn't i? ] and reach home at 3.
all i had was 2 glasses of water in the club and i stumble out of bed the next day with a raging headache. at 11:36 in the afternoon !!!!
wat the... where did my sunday morning go??? i want it BACK !!

aaaaah gud times.

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