Monday, July 27, 2009

oNCE eVeRY dAy

oh god. egad. atleast before? i was woken up at 5 AM only on sundays.

now? now its EVERYDAY.

so there its barely light out, and i'm being shaken to wake up and take a bath.
apparently 'girls' need to do that. wake up at the crack of dawn and take a bath and say a prayer and touch ur husbands feet and then enter the kitchen. that's how 'girls' get bodily strength [ ?? ]

[ frozen horrified expression as i was listening to this. sorry K, but if you're ACTUALLY expecting this... welll oh ha ha ha. boy are u in for a reality check ]

meanwhile, my mum goes on and on.. bustling in and out of the room and folding clothes.... and walking in... and walking out.... and i can hear chopping... chooping? why is there chopping sounds?? why is someone cooking so early in the morning ???? i open one eye and blink at the blinkin clock... groan its not even 6:30 yet!

and while i'm still half asleep, i keep getting these vague home remedies for cough thrust in my face.

"here, take this. this is good for u"
take it and down it without a second thot. someone needs to leave now.
"oh god its bitter. wat the heck is it???"
"fresh cut ginger with honey"
"gaaaaaaaak. ok i'll get up in an hour" < and i just roll over >

"here take this."
i ate something else and now i can't rem wat it was.

"here eat a tomato" [ ?? wat?? ok ok don't ask too many questions. its only 7:25. i'm eating that darn tomato if it means i can get a few more minutes of uninterrupted sleep... ]

"here , eat breakfast"
"waaaat. shudnt i atleast like... wake up first. groan. just leave it here"

8:00 AM. my mom is done with all her work for the day and is sitting on my bed and staring at me. i open my other eye.

"i'm bored."
"i want to go back"

oh brilliant.

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