Thursday, July 2, 2009

iT's dAnciNg, nAtUrAL

oooh ooooh so i saw something on my trip to the beach the other day, which i hadn't seen before.

oh man if ONLY i had a camera. with zero shutter lag :O
or even video!!!!

ok let me try to explain what i saw.

so there we were standing on the beach. looking at the vastness of the pacific ocean. glad the sun was out. tried the water. oh GOD, no thank you.. its FREEzing.
so we're standing, there. look the ocean is so nice. so big. wish we cud swim in it.

and then we see it.

a row of birds. flying in a line. on behind the other. and then they form a small arch. kind of a 'u' or a hook kinds. and the first one dips and then the second one dips behind it and so on. all of them one by one go so close to the waves. and then rise up.
they're doing the wave!!

and we're all spellbound. stopped in our tracks. stopped in the middle of raccous laughter and staring at what's happening. as again and again the birds dip and rise. in a graceful dance. going alternatively towards the ocean and away from it. smoothly, gracefully, serenely.

< choke > it was beautiful u know.

the low frequency sine wave formation :P that's what i'll call it! he he.
wonder why they do that?

they looked happy.
those birds.

or mebe it was just me. projecting human emotions onto them. i'd like to see that again some day. u shud see it too.

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