Wednesday, July 29, 2009

tOo eaRLy tO riSe

no idea what they're saying, but who cares !!! :D its still hillarious !!
in more formal language, thanks to K for the video :P

on another note, i'm slowly baking out here. with temperatures now reaching 108... its official. my brain has fried.
i've taken to sleeping on my deck chair. like a mummy. with my hands folded on my stomach and not moving an inch all night. coz
a. i'm gonna fall off the chair
b. i'm gonna fall off the chair...

and if that isn't funny enough for u. at 7 AM bright and early i can hear her all bright and ready and chirpy and sunshiny. groan.

"hey, wake up." [ prodding me on the shoulder. ]
"mmmphhpppph." [ me emitting muffled protest to this manhandling and unearthly hour wake up call. its only 7 for god's sake. let. me. sleep. ]
"heyy, wake up. u gotta eat this raw onion with honey."
"gaak. groaaaaaaaan. gaaaaaaaah." [ my mouth will stink all day. i absolutely refuse to eat it. ]
"heyy wake up. u slept for 9 hours already!! get up. that's way to much. now you're just being lazy."
"mmph" [ can't rollover. but i'm rolling over in my head. let me sleeeeeeeeeeep. ]

"here. just eat this. then u can sleep" [ who are we kidding. ur whole system will be so on fire, you'll run to the bath and sit under a cold shower. ]
"no no let me sleep. 15 minutes more." [ groooooaaaaaaaan. ]

"u know, then in ur husband's house, u know wat ppl will say? ppl will say ur the laziest... < voice trailing off >" [ oh god not again. think happy thoughts. think happy thoughts. murder is a sin. murder is a sin. murder on a wednesday is a sin. ]

"heyy get up. or i'll kick you" [ kicks/kinda pushes me and finds out i don't budge that easy or roll over or fall of...i'm just too walrusy embedded kinds ]

"ok i know how to make sure you get up. for sure sure. if u don't get up this very minute, i'm gonna come there and give u a big hug and a kiss"

"WHOOOOAAA hold on a sec" [ i'm up. and locked myself in the bathroom. pheeeeew narrow escape. sheeeeesh ]

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