Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bLisSfuLly unConSCioUs

now i don't know if these are actual questions in you're brain that you are curious about.
or you're just asking them to get my goat.

so i'm gonna list all the questions i've heard so far and i'll keep coming back to this till dec.

-"omg, how can you go only a week before you're wedding!!?? what about shopping??!! what about your sari??!! u need a min of 6 weeks" [ honey , its called an EFF*** JOB. i don't have vacation. and who the heck wants to spend 3 months shopping!! ]

-"so should i book the mehendi guy?? omg ur not at all showing any interest. i seem to be more interested than you" [ are u kidding me??? its frickin 6 months away. chuck the mehendi. there will be NO mehendi ]

-"so what about the jewelry...i'm thinking this..." < eyes glazed over > [ omg i havent mutated to some earth human female creature who's actually interested in this ... this... omg get her off of me! ]

-"so how's the wedding prep going"

-"so how's the wedding prep going"


-"so hows the ....." [ 98461th time i've been asked in last 2 months. the accurate response wud be "uhhhhh wat prep?", what i really want to do is hit someone on the head.... ]

wat? just coz i'm getting married, you thot i had morphed into this giggly dreamy eyed girl who'd sit and pore over bridal .. clothes? gowns? skirts?? flowers?
you thought that i'd be dreaming of this day since i turned 12 or watever and sigh and plan my dream wedding?? < gag >
or you thought i wouldn't hit you on the head, if you talked about shopping for more than 20 minutes in a day?? [ oh u thought wrong baby, let me just find that pan ]

sorry. my violent tendencies seem to have increased. marriage has unfortunately not made me softer or calmer or smoother even in temperament. in fact while i'm bombarded with endless questions for which i most definitely have zero answers to. i'm left wondering.... should i chew a rope in frustration or should i just take up kick boxing. maybe i should do kick boxing. oooh i shud so do kick boxing.

and you wonder , why i'm taken to grinding my teeth and giving that pained i-wish-i-was-anywhere-but-here smile.
wonder no more my friend. but in fact if you were truly my friend, u wud kindly take a hammer and knock me on the head unconscious for the next 6 months.


oh god. u know the situation is bad, when ur hoping to be out unconscious for the next 6 months.

oooooh ur just watching me squirm and laughing ur head off aren't you???

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  1. Pointed noted!!! Now I know how to what irritates for next few months ...

    And I am renting a SLR camera to take fotos of you with Sari and jewellery ,,,

    U should try kick boxing ...

    Btw, how is wedding prep going on ??