Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wHeN tiMe cAn'T stOp fOr yoU


some people never learn.

10 years and counting and we haven't managed to remember it even once... [ we as in, me and the voices in my head ]
actually if u consider my mom, then that wud be 16 years and counting. haven't managed to remember her b'day.

oh dear. when is THAT one again??

you know.. call me heartless....its not so much as forgetting that bothers me... it's the guilt trip you're kind of forced to take [ yes yes i know. i'm scum of the universe. i forgot to wish you. oh gud lord, someone gouge out my eyes. ok my ears. can you stop the incessant weeping?? ]

ok so i feel bad. i forgot to wish you. and ur looking at me with those big wounded eyes that's piercing a knife through my ... errr... now i want to say heart, but u know.. come on. who are we kidding?? [ it's already been established numerous times babes, i HAVE no heart. some ppl even think i'm not human... just landed on the planet in a pod from outer space ]
so anyways. yes i feel guilt and here, u can have my watch. wait i already gave that away, here take my phone , something, anything. just stop looking like i ran you over with my cool car. which by the way gives an awesome mileage of 36 miles/gallon.

i know!!!

so the weekend was good. fell sick. major heat wave. wilted like a limp noodle and didn't do all the places we were supposed to. some really nice stuff to see in east oregon guys. u shud do the travelling. i mean if there's one thing i know. its that we're all gonna die some day. [ ok so i'll prob have to leave on the escape pod.... ]
so since there's the whole limited time angle going.. [ gud lord i shud be writing travel brochures. come to alaska. ur gonna die some day. do alaska b4 that !!! ]

A and co went to montana, the glacier park. :O
OMG that was awesome. as far as i cud tell from the pics of mountains which were in the background. one thing about these guys taking pics, is that they prefer to take a lot of 'patel' snaps. u know where ur standing in front of the mountain and so what if u look like a puny insignificant gnat where the mountain can crush u like a bug. and so wat if the light is behind u. so that ur face looks like a person from east africa and ur basically ruined the pic of the mountain. u'll still take it that way...to show that you were here, and there , and there, and here too.
so i try to see as much as possible by ignoring the ugly humans and trying to focus on the awesome waterfall or mountains or glaciers [ which are OMG FANTASTIC btw ]
and sigh. so that's one more place, i gotta do.

so this weekend, went to see
the painted hills [ pretty neat. diff colored hills. red streaks, gold, lavendar, black and brown )
3 sisters [ gorgeous mountain peaks ]
drove thru columbia hwy river gorge. [ ... no words to decribe it :P ]
saw the panther creek falls [ not touristy at all. very nice. cool. and can get close to icy water and fantasize about jumping in :P ]
multnomah falls , horse tail falls [ nice, but touristy. too many ppl ]

A and co went to glacier national park. montana
did the 10 mile hike to see the lake in the middle.
did the horse riding
did the staying next to a lake at the base of the mountain thing.
seen the pics, its mind blowing.
don't think they have any nice landscape pics, most of the 4 GB of pics was 'patel' snaps.

R and family went to vancouver. nice place. small town. awesome indian food.

another R and co went to yosemitte. no details yet :P

end of report. now get back to work !! will post some pics soon

ps: still sick. feel like falling down. but shhhhhhh don't tell my mom. she's coming on the 17th anyways.

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