Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LoCked hOrNs

so imagine if you will, what happens, when my mom-force collides with my roommate A-force??



its pretty good. female dynamics was always interesting.
[ trust me its hillarious. like watching 2 alpha wolves fighting for supremacy over a wolf pack ]

now on one side u have someone who's used to being the alpha female for the last couple of yrs. one of the only females in the group. [ forget alpha some ppl wudnt even classify me as female... ] and on the other side u have .... my mom. who's just plain darn used to getting her own way. everywhere.

so then when u have A telling my mom not to use that glass in the microwave or not to use something else here or not do something. or giving instructions.

well someone isn't pleased.

and me? i'm just sitting back and enjoying the undercurrents.

its even more hillarious when they start discussing coconut. whoever heard of arguments over coconut powder???


"ha!! who needs her coconut, i can buy my own coconut", and my mum rushes off to the store.
"ha!! as if i've never seen a microwave in my life! who is she to tell me i can't put her glass inside a microwave?? gimme 500 dollars. i'll go buy all the stuff i need !!!"
"aaha! i've been using all this even before she was born!! i've forgotten more about this stuff than she even knows in the first place"

aaaah thou female. so complex. so convoluted. so passive aggressive.
how can we live with you?? how can we live without... no actually the first part's it.

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