Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kEepiNg abReaST

i'm gonna build a case.

against reading the news.

now b4 u jump down my throat and rip me to shreds, u pls note that i try to read something everyday. as much as i can stomach.

but really. u tell me, that i'm much better informed. now that i know that half the world is filled with sex offenders and the other half of the world i busy dying through some kind of genocide/tyranical regime and collectively everyone is causing our planet to self-destruct. yes yes i know, that's the price of civilization. in fact the price of our existence. more and more it looks impossible that we can live with any kind of harmony with the rest of our world. and yes more and more the 2012 end of the world i've been telling you about looks inevitable. but jeez, do you have to try so hard to make the deadline??

note to self: nayan tarse, dev d.

man , have you read the news. there are SO MANY of these sick ppl around !!
its a wonder.. actually help me out here. remind me again, that we're supposed to be what? better than animals? like higher intelligence.

ARE U EFFIN KIDDING ME??? are we even ON the same planet? LOOK AT THE NEWS!! go ahead. go on.
yes yes there are stories of hope , in some remote corners of the page. but instead , what i got as headlines is some rubbish about how sat-navs are scaring britishers coz they're offended by the female voice spitting out instructions "don't turn there u moron" [ well boo hoo to u ] and then 3 stories of how these abusers were prosecuted and then the one where the kyoto protocol is not working [ oh big surprise Einsteins, even a brain dead chimpanzee knew THAT one ]...


tell me again, why knowing all this is good. and how i'm so much better off to know in minute detail of what's happening in the world as compared to my ancestors who were only concerned with what happened on their street??
oh sure, half the problems we're in today is coz our ancestors only bothered with what happened on their street. and sure its gud to know the current news at the exact same moment its happening.
but this unhealthy obsession you seem to be having in keeping up with the news and then deriding people for not doing the same?
yeah. you'll know about the world ending exactly 3.4 seconds before i do... wooo hooooo_______ < abrubtly cut off >

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