Sunday, July 26, 2009

d, hEaL thYSeLf

oh so you thought , mebe the QoD had no more disasters to report. mebe that's why she isn't online so much. mebe that's why she isn't writing anymore ?
oh ha ha good one Wilson. that's a good joke.

now lets see... how can i put it??
briefly? succintly? in sublime fashion? in short?
my. mother. is. here.





oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay. now that you've fallen off that chair and managed to climb back up again... she's been here a week. I've cried more times this week than i had the first half of the year. i've had severe acidity, or what not. severe side effects from my hormonal meds. oh i had hormonal meds. oh i was soooo hormonal.
then i got this mild cough, which turned into a major cough. and then a major fever with all the shivering and works and laid up in bed like a 14th century maiden from medieval england. mother nature visits and this time i'm leaking like a blinkin broken faucet on steroids and oh! what's this? there's no water in the house coz a pipe in front of the house burst !!!


okkkkk. now take a deep breath and relax. move those shoulders. rotate them around. ppl have started calling me irritable these days. now now now, i admit i've been a lil off my game..... i've got a few things going on my plate here... and i don't chose to write when i'm like that. or like this or watever. but u got to admit.
this has been a reaaaallly bad week. i mean REALLY.

but its pretty funny. few weeks ago, while i was basking in that glorious sunshine and reading my book... and generally relaxing... if u had told me bout this week, i'd have spit in your face, picked my books and run away screaming!!!


here's to monday. which is tomorrow.

mebe the next week won't be so mad... i mean bad. eh?

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