Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wAt i'VE dOne

yeah yeah i know.
its overkill...

but i want this up here, so sod off !
on another note, since the sem has started , u see so many kids panicking, running around.. and worried. will they survive another gruelling semester ? will they be in hell on earth ? will they wish they were never born ?

have you read games people play ? by eric berne ?
u should, he has a very interesting hypothesis bout the roles people play in every day transactions...

yeah yeah i know i'm entering the geek mode, but say, if i'd rather spend an evening in the lab rather than in a club, doesn't that make me a geek ??

but look at the video. go on, take a look and mebe u'll think twice before u decide not to recycle or u throw away food, or before ur polluting the planet or before u pass by a hungry kid without doing anything bout it

"be nice to geeks, one day u'll be working for them."
- bill gates

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