Thursday, August 30, 2007

toO sOoN

its been 4 days and i can't believe i'm already ill.

i just feel like sticking my head in the sink... and throwing up.

groan.... i know this feeling ... this feeling of the walking zombie. of the feeling of having more on your plate than i can probably handle...

but somehow after all the cribbing there's a strange exhilaration.. life is gud. it just is.

didn't i mention somewhere that i was disgustingly cheerful. :P

on another note, everyone who reads my posts. both of u that is, shud remember that all i write is written in my personal strange vein of humor. never meant to offend and if someone is offended, well....
well heck i'm not gonna apologize !! but .. really not much i can do to make u feel better now is there ?

mebe u shud learn to laugh at yourself. mebe i can give u a couple of links where ppl have ridiculed me. oh trust me there are a few, and they'r hillarious and i was sooo pissed after reading them .. lol
a gud read anyday and guaranteed to cheer u up.

its a tough world , isn't it? anything u do or say may go op on someone's blog. scary !!

but life is ridiculously funny. and everyone is insane. and the sooner u realize that the sooner you'll get the joke.

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