Friday, August 10, 2007

u kNow

there's something wrong with you when -
its raining outside when u wake up , and u remember the umbrella when ur getting soaked on the way to work ...

someone's got it in for you when -
you buy an expensive sun screen lotion and the weather report says its gonna be raining for the next 6 months ...

its a disaster -
when you've been having a casual conversation off and on over the last 6 months with a person thinking it was person A, and yet you feel something doesn't add up...
and then one fine day realize the reason its not adding up, is coz its person B and you don't know person B that well...

its not meant to be -
when he says "i love you", and you think - "have I done my laundry this week ?"

its not meant to be -
when he says "i'm hurt, you were insensitive to my feelings" and you think -
"do you want matching bangles and nailpolish, now that you've had the sex change?"

its gonna be a tough course -
when your prof says, "i think 4 hours of sleep is plenty, come to me if your sleeping less than that"

this is gonna be a series post, i'll be adding to it with time. my fav u know.. an ongoing series...


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