Friday, August 24, 2007

tHaT's nOT a NicE tHinG tO saY

you know what tends to be surprising to me everytime. its how i forget that everyone is a story waiting to be told.
at any point in your life look at the people around you, and there's a story waiting to be told. if you only have the time and the patience to listen.
too many times i think we rush through lives barely glancing at the folks around us.
all too often caught up in our own lil lives, pretending we're the centre of the universe and our problems are probably wat the fate of the universe hangs on. but sometimes, just sometimes, we stop for a sec in our mad dash through the rat race which passes off for living these days and listen with astonishment when the person next to us ( also racing, but paused ) tells us a story. of a life that makes us think,
"well i'll be damned,....."

and i'm astonished not by the stories, (though they are sometimes stranger than fiction itself) , but at how often i have to be reminded bout what's real and what's important.

and ofcourse you get to meet well meaning friends who tell you in a very kind tone,
that they like hanging out with you , coz ur not a very threating person to their ego. u know... like not a very intellectually intimidating person.
oh thnx THAT really cheers me up :-/

just what i needed. to be told that half the people think my head is filled with vanilla. ofcourse then they did say i was not very boring also. which apparently was the other half of the reason they liked to hang out with me.
glad to be of service. oh noooooo. my feelings aren't hurt at aaaaaaalllll....

hmmmph i'm still miffed.... sniff....
ur lucky i didn't hit u with - what u kindly said - were my massive arms.

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