Thursday, August 9, 2007

hEck wiTH iT

I had a busy week, but nothing spectacularly different ya know...
the same ol same ol...

talk with ppl, tell them what you think, get accused of being mentally unhinged....
have ppl suggest I get professional help.... call them retarded fuckheads... throw a tantrum .. nothing very new. the same ol same ol...

phew ! proving our sanity can be really very thirsty work. we could go for a drink right bout now. oh , u ask who is we??
well, since so many ppl already think we're off our rockers , there was no point in hiding all my multiple personalities... our multiple personalities... errr .. this cud get a lil confusing.. hang on while we figure it out....
oh fuck it.

thats my new fav word. at anything i want to ignore. or forget. i'll say bygones.
and in case u didn't get the obscure reference to prime time TV its from ally mcbeal.. no i dont have too much time on my hands to bring up obscure tv ...

ugh all this 'we' talk makes me feel like gollum from LOTR :-/ and trust me , even i can safely say i'm not THAT ugly.
anyhooooo wats new is that another one of the human race has declared me insane.
i believe the exact words were , and i quote verbatim -

"u have a history of disturbing behaviour. u look like ur bout to fall of the edge. u shud think of getting some professional help. have u looked at YOU recently"
oh and i believe the words extra terrestrial was also used somewhere....

HQ, our cover is blown.

now u know.

now i got not choice but to send Jeffrey after you.

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