Thursday, August 30, 2007

tRAiL miX

there are some scary nuts out there in the world !

go and read any forum, any public discussion or anywhere where a whole bunch of people post their opinions /suggestions...
u'll immediately see them crawling out the woodwork.. while i was always one who held out that there was yet some hope for mankind, even i'm hard pressed to admit that we're slowly losing our sanity in this age.

while there are a whole horde of ppl peacefully living their lives and making the best of what they can, ther's also a whole bunch of crazies out there. and i don't mean crazy in the haha ur funny crazy sort of way. i mean the scary crazy - we'll come to your house and chop u up kind of way.

scary. sends shivers down my spine. imagine an outbreak of something like mad cow disease amongst humans. jeez , though some say it might have already happened :-/

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