Tuesday, August 7, 2007

sLiCK aS oiL

ok now am really pissed.

i mean really really pissed.

why ? oh u wanna know? i'll tell u why ! oh u don't wanna know ? we'll i'll still tell you.

ther's this chap. well its always bout A chap isn't it? bane of my life. these chaps.

anyways. some chap.. call him 'AS'. one short of another 'S' pings me talkin casually. askin how i am.
now , I can't remember who he is. I don't know who he is. he cud be anyone. my college buddy/ office buddy/ highschool buddy ..wait a sec didnt i go to an all girls high school ??? ok scratch that last one. unless someone had a sex change and i was not told. hardly think i'd forget that .. ok ok back to this retarded story.

so he pings me. and i say something suitably vague which is wat i always do when i dont know who i'm talking to. and suddenly he calls me. on gtalk ya know. hey now THATS an invasion of privacy !! i dont expect ppl to call me without warning. I'm in the lab !! u dont call me when i'm in the lab. hey if i dont know who u are theres a very gud chance u shudnt be calling me at all.
so now i was annoyed. shut him up and told him dude back off.

but does he listen ????

tells me some story that he's on an oil rig , feeling lonely ... yada yada yada..
ok ok. i get the point. ur in hell. my heart bleeds for u. but hey ur going home in 24 days. i'm going home in 240.
dude , grow a pair !!

ok ok i dont want to be mean so i listen to this for a while. and its been a slow season and i need the hunting practice..... but he goes on and on. and starts getting really whiney. now i have ABSOLUTELY zero patience.
ive slept for 3 hours every night for the past week. and my temper is sooooo close to a volcanic eruption.
hey you. yeah u. dont crib bout 12 hour workshifts to a person who works every waking hour and sleeps for only 4 hours on average.
12 hours is a luxury.

so he says "kill me"
honest to god. thats what he says.
"kill me"

wtf ??????
gladly dude, but unfortunately its physically impossible. we're thousands of miles apart.
hey, i'm not gonna sit and coo at a person i met online and i hardly know.

so he starts TELLINg me to be sure to get my headphones the next day so we can talk.
yeah right. why dont u hold your breadth ? thats gonna happen.
suuuuuuuuuuuuuure, it will...

ofcourse i told him no u nitwit ! waddaya take me for???

and now i was sooooooooo pissed. this was the limit. hey i'll give compassion a shot anytime but right now, i'd really like to sock someone on the nose. hmmmmph

hmmmmmmmmph is right. with one finger on the block button. i see he's asked me to wait a sec. now what ?
oh crap the same old drivel. am blocking this guy before i really loose my tem....

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