Friday, August 24, 2007

LeT tHE gaMeS bEGiN

how do you approach your own doom.
how do u approach a long obstacle course where u know it involves swimming underwater for a really long time and potential drowning ?

you take a deep breath before you jump into the water ....
and mebe listen to this song.
a lot.

you just have a vague memory of the prev semester. your optimistic that you won't actually goof of so much this semester. that you'd have learnt your lesson and also some time management in the process....

hey its gonna be tough. no one promised a cruise , now, did they ?
i know i'm probably repeating this video in the blog. but what the heck.
don't crib, mute it for chrissake !!!

this is such a high energy song. and all you really need is loads of energy. for those late nights.
for those days ur brain is gonna hurt.
like physically hurt.

for all those moments when ppl around are losing their minds and trying to drag u in with them. u know like the zombies of the undead...
take courage.
take hope.

it'll be over before u realize it.
you don't know wats next ? you'll know when the time is right?

grades? jobs? marriage? life?
ships? gigantic iceberg? titantic? ocean?

oh i'm sorry i thot we were doing some kind of word association...

oh come on. cheer up , its only gonna get worse ;)

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