Monday, August 20, 2007

tHE sHOwiNg

u know i thought bout this for a while.. and it always puzzled me.

why do girls hate the whole guy-coming-to-see-her routine ?
i think i can now figure it out ..

have u ever been to one of those shows ?? chances are u haven't. i call it a show , coz that exactly what it is. it struck me today. the girls hate it so much coz they feel exactly like the poodle with a ribbon in its ear in a dog show.
u know.
the owners primp the poodle, give it a nice makeover. and very proudly strut around with the poor dog on a leash. take it thrice around the circle. and then ask it to perform some moronic tasks, to show its accomplishments.. if u do well , u may even get the prize !! the sappy propsect !
yup. thats precisely why girls hate those whole 3 ringed circus shows that passes off for guy-coming-to-see-the-girl thing. and does he come alone and only once?

first his parents. then his mom's sisters, then his dads sisters. then his grandma, then his siblings , then if they all go back to report that things are ok. the girl isn't some hideously deformed frankenstien , then the visually sensitive chap comes along. and u know, just KNOW that all of them come just to 'check' you out. they dont care what you think bout the russian presidents stance on chechnya, or what you think of the Israeli situation of the middle east.

and for all these visits , wat does the girls mom do? u know wat she's gonna be doing. cooking up a storm, embarrassing her daughter by insisting that the girl cooked it. (heck i cud swear my mum did that once, needless to say i think i gave her a look that wud freeze hell itself. prob why the guy said no, i might have included him in it too ..)
and all throughout they'll have this insane proud air coz the parents have toiled for 23 odd yrs and produced this prize specimen of a ....of a... wat ? cow? dog?
i'd say cow.
u know.... in a cow market ? where the farmer raises this calf and then goes to sell the cow. how proud he is?
yup parents look exactly like that.
and u know how the farmer endlessly tells you how gud the teeth and hooves are ??
yup yup
u know what i'm talking bout, don't you ??

oh no. i dont mind at all if u think i can make samosas and if u hallucinate that i'll be making them for you everyday after the wedding. don't mind at all.

yeah , i'm surprised it never struck me before. we don't really care if u wanna 'see' us. its just the creepy feeling of being a cow in a market or a poodle in a dog show that gets on the nerves sometimes.
i gtg now. i have to pretend to make tea. uh oh there goes the doorbell, quick where's my ribbon ?? .......

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