Monday, August 20, 2007

lAuGHing aT cLOUds

its been raining crazy from morn. while the rest of the world finds themselves going insane becoz of the rain, i find myself mentally tap dancing.
reminds me so much of home. of m'lore. of tea. of warm beds. of kittens who'll cuddle in ur lap.
oh hot bhajjis.

of sitting in ur courtyard under a canopy, sipping tea and looking out the green fields soaking in the rain.
of school children walking home in the rain, sloshing in their rainy shoes. of oxen ploughing the fields, in the rain.
of me and my best friend parking our scooter and walking home in the rain, waving at astonished shopkeepers. of sneezes and sniffles and snuggling under warm rugs.


hmmmm singin... oh come on. dont be so grumpy. u have to admit this is a gud tune and a classic. oh come on. smile a bit, twirl that umbrella and the incessant rain aint so bad :P
let the stormy clouds chase ...

mmm singin... and dancing ...mmmm

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