Friday, February 3, 2012

pOinT B? whAt aBoUt C?

i was fwded this

TED talks - spoken poetry

it's pretty good. did i connect... hmm not really. is there something wrong with me for not finding her an amazing inspiration and awe inspiring? or am i already too cynical... hmm. or perhaps my depth peaked in my teenage years and now i'm just a shallow workaholic who can't think beyond my petty insignificant life.

shrug.. do i care.

i remember a time when i was tortured by my own purpose, and days and nights spent wondering what i was born for. i think i came to think conclusion that i was born for nothing. i was just born. and i will just die. and its just my id that craves for a meaning because i cant handle the reality that i'm just a random spark in a random universe who just exists for a random amount of time. can YOU handle that thought? it's pretty tough going through life thinking that, right ? no?
have you tried it? really? i wonder at ur capacity to speak the truth to urself. there IS NO purpose. the best you can do is probably have a few laughs, help some folks around, well atleast help urself if nothing else. create a few ripples if needed and then try to die without troubling others too much. [ no i don't need you to change my old person diaper, i can do it myself ]

but then look at that video. listen to it. did you really feel it. connect to her? she's just .... pop poetry. like justin bieber. all wide eyed and wondering. and who's to say that's not poetry. sure it could be i guess. but my experiences have not been all wide eyed and doe eyed and wondering. i feel a little more wonder when i read that poem. about the hour in a grain of sand and flower something.. u know the one.

read the comments and i think lot of ppl felt that way. they didnt connect. felt it was a bit too sappy. too heavy on the feel-good and high on the cheesy sentiments.

it's an interesting way to share ur ideas sure. but... old eyes. lady you don't know how old eyes look. old eyes are not filled with wonder. point B? why? is her daughter called point A ? i don't get it.


she writes poetry.
she speaks to me. well if not her words, her voice does.

most of what she writes are variations of unrequited love poems. so i can't say i really feel it. wait, am i allowed to say that. K is going to mad.... :/ ooops i'm in the doghouse aren't I.
but i did feel it once. maybe. [ not that i'd easily admit it anyways ]. man though she has a voice.

note to self: adelle, set fire to rain

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