Monday, January 30, 2012

LeT mE giVe yoU sOme feeDBaCk

Amex is being awesome. they are asking me for feedback. feedback ! for my experience booking travel with them.

oh wonderful ! i can give them feedback. sure i have ten minutes in a day to do this.

rate your experience with us - horrible
please explain the reason for your rating - somewhere in between horrible and reaching a painful end being gored to death by a raging bull. moreover this survey also produces sharp needle like pains in my right eye.
would you like to recommend someone for an awesome experience - no
why not - refer above
were you satisfied with your ease of booking - no terribly poor
please explain the reason - the search tool is horrible. it cannot find fares listed on actual airline websites , infact it couldn't find a mole on a monkey's butt. the travel counsellor is marginally better for multi -city reservations but the sharp pain in my eye comes back every time i have to call them. it takes so long to tell my credit card number multiple times, i could grow wings and fly to my destination.
please tell us how we can improve your experience -  replace amex with, change the company to sell shoes, replace the people with monkeys randomly babbling, any number of things would be an improvement.
would you recommend us to your friend - not unless i hated them and wanted them to experience the sweet sweet agony of sharp pains in the right eye.
whats the likelihood of you coming back - very because my company is too stupid to hire someone else. or no one else enjoys gouging ppl in the eye as much as you, so your the only one there to torture me.
can we give them ur name so they can directly contact you about your experience - sure what the heck. maybe they have ice for my eye. one can hope can't they ?
thanks for your feedbcak - no thank YOU! you survey monkey bot. you make me feel like i'm loved...

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