Thursday, February 9, 2012

riDiCULousLy hoT iN fiNLanD

i think the Fins like to turn all their rooms into mini sauna's

its just ridiculously hot in my room. outside its what ? -24 C and everytime i'm indoors i have to literally do a hurried and not so pretty strip show before i faint from overheating my skin too quickly.

but its frickin awesome.

you can't imagine the amount of snow that's just piled up on the roadside casual as you please. ofcourse the roads are all nice and clean, but the tarmac had a layer of snow, ice.. whatevs and they landed on that !
on the way to the hotel, i see about 4 feet of snow just piled on the sides like sand and miles and miles of snow as far as i could see in the dark.

i wonder how much more i can see tomorrow.

i've just been told, it's 10 hours to santa claus land. i guess that's just too far. unless i take a short flight, i don't think i can make it to the arctic circle this time. aaaw

view from my room in tampere

i'd say they've done a fantastic job of utilizing space. wall mounted phones, embedded lights into the furniture, rolling desk top, it's pretty stylish and amazingly innovative !

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