Monday, February 6, 2012

i tOoK tHe buS, tHe oTHerS weRe cYcLinG

it's not so cold. naah it's not so cold. sure i'm wearing 4 layers of clothes , 3 of which are heavy duty sweaters.
sure i'm wearing 2 gloves, 2 caps, 2 pair of socks and snow boots. and a GIGANTIC woolen muffler seems i knitted just for this trip.

the GIGANTIC woolen muffler is helping. sure i might have lost 20% of my hearing ability as my ears are permanently numb.

so K told me, i wouldn't have much trouble with my legs. my legs wouldnt get so cold. my thighs that is.

well.. K... YOUR ARE WRONG. they are frozen solid chunks of fat i have to lug around. my Torso is not cold since i have four layers. but my poor legs . between my knees and my torso. they are gone man. gone.

ofcourse when they ask me if its cold, i tell them na. its like boston. which it kind of is on a bad day.
-8 C. apparently its record cold that they havent seen in 15 years. well gee , all this for me ? thanks mum nature.

it is like boston , on its worst day possible.

apparently its only like 5C on regular winters. i'm beginning to think 5C is not so bad. 5C is beginning to look good to me right now. its one less layer of sweater and non-frozen thighs. i mean 5C is practically WARM man.


i had this really strange dream yesterday. there was a trapeze involved. some kind of rope acrobatics where you stand on a looped rope and swing yourself upside down. there was vin van diesel who was my tutor. and i think i woke up when he cut one end of the rope and held it in his hand. and i think, thats when my brain said. stop, this is against the law of physics as we know it !

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