Sunday, February 5, 2012

sHouLd i CyCLe tO woRk toMoRrOw ?

i can't believe my recent losses led me to watch the most abominable movie of all times.

i tried to drown my sorrows in a movie. unfortunately the only one left was this. aargh.
OMG its so horrible. what were they thinking?

curly haired sharukh khan who speaks English with a fake south indian accent, i mean really horrible south indian accent and then speaks some Hindi poem or shit with a perfect delhi accent.
eating noodles with curd. effing noodles man. NOODLES ?? i can think of  semige, but noodles ? YUck

ok its not helping. even this horrid movie can't get my mind off my poor phone. who knows where you are. in which trash dump your lying around...argh why is he trying to do kung fu. i can't take it anymore, i feel like gouging out my eyes with this plastic fork.

stop it ... STOP. this is gonna me nightmares for sure.

you know what ? amsterdam is a nice city. its pretty cool. ppl talk english, their friendly. the air smells a little different. like flowers and fresh baked bread. i can't really describe it very well... i think it has a hint of purple-pink too... sometimes if you pass a eatery though, it smells really yuck. like some fried meat or some sort of cooked meat. and not chicken meat. its different meat. cause i think chicken meat hardly smells at all, and infact might be confusing in the fact that it doesnt smell so much.. ok i'm blabbering. the second sign of madness.

isn't the room tiny but adorable ? like a mini replica of an actual room. i think i'd be a happy person once i lived in europe for a couple of years. i'd be so happy to see the space back in blore compared to the tiny dollhouses we live in here. what's space anyways ? as long as i have a high ceiling and floor to ceiling windows, i don't care about the sq foot. i declare! and its pretty sleek kind of furniture too. makes me positively giidy with all the culture i'm supposedly soaking in. or maybe its the jetlag.

i saw happy feet, part TWO. god i wish i hadn't. but really choices are limited when ur flying and ur depressed enough to be sobbing on the lapels of the gentleman next to you. qucik turn on a cartoon and hope you don't start bawling at him like a 3 day old infant. 

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