Friday, February 10, 2012

pLanniNg a dAy iN LaPLanD .... noT sO eAsY

head aches like hell. i'm contemplating spending 300 dollars for a 2 day trip to lapland. don't know if its worth it just to go touch the arctic circle. but then how often do you get the chance ?

but 300 bucks is a lot of dough and then if its cloudy i won't even see the lights.

it's kind of giving me a headache trying to decide. what do you think? is it worth it ?

the rooms are so hot, i had to crack open a window. imagine that, its -12C outside and ive cracked open a window and i'm still so hot. like a friggin sauna in here.

here are my options. i can take the 10:00PM train to rovaniemi to reach there at 8 in the morning. i won't be able to have a bath ofcourse. i can see a couple of reindeer if i'm lucky then  i can catch the 4PM train back and reach late night back at the hotel , something like 4AM.
total trip might cost around 300-400 dollars.
and i have to be in office monday morning.

the chances of getting the lights is slim since i won't be spending midnight in the north. i'll be there during the day time.. but the only chance is if i get to see something while i'm actually in the train.

so what do you think?

hmm the voices in my head are awfully quiet. must be the blasted headache. 

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