Sunday, February 5, 2012

fLaShBaCK sERiEs oNe

I am shocked. Aghast is more like it.
my heartrate slowly returns to normal… as I'm sitting on this flight, I'm forced to wonder, "if this happens on Monday morning, how's the rest of the week going to be?"
Imagine my consternation, when I'm all ready and kind of packed and about to leave home to catch my 8AM shuttle to Santa Clara.
Imagine me casually looking at emails on my phone and seeing a no-show penalty for my actual 6AM flight.

I read the email with a growing sense of horror, with about a thousand, no lets be realistic about 4 voices in my head clamoring for my attention. The words no-show, fees, department, manager all floating over the screen , and my dazed eyes trying to understand how this could happen.

Sh&% s&^% sh&^!!
I am so screwed. So I race to the airport, explain my goofup to the lady.

Luckily since I showed up, they'll waive the no show fee against my dept. well phew dat.

She eyes me with a semi-steely glint and tells me I can wait for someone to not show up on the next flight if I want. If I don't get on that 8AM flight, then I'll just have to cancel for the day.
So now I'm sitting in the seat, hoping someone has a bad day and can't make it. sucks man!

She tells me the checkin closes at 7:45 and till then she doesn’t know.
It's 7:05 now.

So there I sit chewing my nails, metaphorically.




Ppl keep entering and I'm wincing with every person who walks in through the door for a boarding pass.

7:48 and I walk up to the desk.

"any seat left?"

She looks around, calls for a lady and someone walks in through the door. My heart drops to the bottom of my shoes and I think, "ok better let my manager know I won't make it.  But wait… the lady looks slightly bored. Not at all like someon trying to desperately make it on time before checkin closes.
So she looks at me, and says well. "looks like you made it"


Now I'm sitting in the flight. My heartrate's trying to get back to normal. Sipping my da^& tea.

Btw I finished all 7 seasons of the star trek TnG. Am I a trekkie? Not yet. I just thought it was amusing. Hey! They used tablets back then !! Mebe that's where jobs got his ideas from.

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