Sunday, February 5, 2012

hOW cAn iT noT Be?

Cop uncle your not much help. Neither are you phone ppl, all u call service ppl. At&t is the worst. Most difficult to get hold of. I mean seriously, is that what they call customer service ? They treat their customers like shit. After being kept on hold for what seemed like forever [ more like 10 min ] I was speaking to a cheery lady who's tone didn't skip a beat when I mentioned I was robbed. ROBBED goddamn it. I'm not inviting you to high noon tea. Sure she said she was sorry that it happened to me , but she wasn't really. Well no need to take out your anger on her QoD.
Take a deep breath. Focus your anger on the assholes who threw a rock at ur car and broke the window and stole the phone.
So I explain to her what happened and what I need.

"I understand, Do you want to suspend the service ? ", she asks in that sickeningly sweet voice.
I'm confused," is there some other choice ?"
"well you could leave the service active, or suspend it "
"how would leaving the device active help ?"

LADY it doesn’t help me at all. Infact those morons might be making calls to mongolia for all I know.

Well seems like there has been no activity on the phone since yesterday afternoon. Maybe they're still hungover and haven't recovered yet.
Cops weren't too helpful either. He says the best case scenario is that it might be lying in some dump. My poor phone ! And no hope of ever recovering it.

Good lord. This is the best day ever. 

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