Sunday, February 5, 2012

i tRuSteD thE uniVErSe aNd iT sLLaPpEd mE riGHt baCk

so i admit it. i did... no make that DO walk around staring at some infinite point in space. with my head far far away.and hardly any attention paid to my surroundings. trusting in the innate goodness of the ppl around me and the universe to take care of one of it's own.

well that taught me. taught me good.

today i walked to my car. it was parked right in front of my appt. i walked there barefoot to get my phone.
as usual i had forgotten my phone in the car. so ive forgotten other things before.

ive forgotten my wallet in the office. my phone in the car, my wallet in the car, my gps in the car in wide view, my passport in an auto.. my keys in the door and slept the night away inside... the list is endless it seems. this is just another time i've forgotten just another thing. and i'm going to get it. K is beyond frustrated. he's beyond mad. he's just resigned to me ever learning to be careful.

so i walk to the car. and as i move towards the passenger seat, i notice some glass on the ground.

that's funny. did i park my car around all that glass. it cant be good for my tires. and then my eyes move up towards the key lock to unlock the door.
they widen in shock and i stiffen. I suck in my breadth sharply. the window is broken. my car doesnt look right. it looks somewhat naked.

but everything is still there. why is the window broken ?? Is that how my car is normally ? No. my brain is frantically trying to comprehend. But I don't. comprehend that is.
All the papers. It looks exactly the same. Why is there an ugly rock on the seat ? And where the fuck is my phone ??
Now it hits me. my heart sinks to soles of my shoes.

I am totally fucked.

Yes I know I have finally broken my golden rule of not swearing in public. well screw it.  

If ever I deserved my title, it is now. If ever you had doubt that I didn't deserve the title of the Queen of Disaster, well let your doubts be cleared. For here is final proof that no matter how much I lament that my life is routine and boring now, mayhem is always by my side.

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