Thursday, June 11, 2009

oF beLLs aNd riNgs

whoa!! man phew. the dude's friends know how to party :P

so we went to this part indian/part west-indian/part cowboy/part european theme wedding. ok ok so now that you're thoroughly confused... let me start from the beginning....

but really the story is tooo long for me to type... aaaw who am i kidding. i'll break it up into episodes if i have to .... not to worry Wilson!!

ok so the wedding was in half moon bay. right? that's like a beach see? and it was the night, see? but before u jump to the very obviously funny image of us freezing our asses off in the middle of the night, next to the freezing.... right right FREEZING pacific ocean.... i gotta say, it was at a rented ranch house.

now now.... i know what you're thinking.

aaaha!! a cowboy themed marriage. crazy foreigners and they're wierdnessesssesss...

but. BUT....
so we went there in the morning. and its a quaint lil ranch house. got a clearing, with these quaint old-western style ..... umm.... rooms?... places??... shops something built around the clearing. u know like a mock-movie shoot kind of place. a saloon, a bar, a barn, an inn.. feeding post, etc etc
so then we set up the tables, table cloths, arrangements. as in all the friends helped. the ladies got busy wrapping the napkins juuuust so. tying the orange beads/golden beads ribbons around them, arranging the fork and spoon juuuuuuuust so.

[ ok over here, i have to confess that i TOTALLY bailed out on the women and went to help the guys move the tables and chairs. come ON, if the bride knew me, she'd like TOTALLY ban me from anywhere near the delicate stuff dude :O infact i wudnt even be allowed to LOOK at em... ]

but unfortunately somehow by noon i found myself tying some gauzy wihte cloth with some fancy ribbon and attempting to crimp it < wince > [ I KNOW!!! ]

bride < looking harried > : omg u guys are out of cloth. wait let me get some more gauzy white cloth.
me and S < look at each other in abject desperation >: u mean there's more ??? [ i'm horrified. with visions of this being my sentence in hell... ]
bride: yeeeeeeaaaaaah.... so don't use up the last piece of cloth. u'll need that to measure the size for the next batch.
me < holding the last piece of white gauzy cloth and staring at it with glazed eyes > : wait... what do you mean size???
S: [ correctly interprets the horrified expression of the bride ]: oh don't worry bout it. we'll hold on to it like u said. and we'll take care of everything. everything is A.OK at this end. don't u worry about a thing. [ finally manages to send a mollified bride away, and gives me this look ]
S < at me >: now she's gone. quick hand me that piece of cloth. we're finishing this in 10 minutes flat.
me: 45 pieces of cutting, tying, crimping in 10 minutes???? gud god that's impossible.
S < gives me this look >

[ btw we DID finish in 10 min flat and in the end, think they forgot to give them to the guests ]



so now a whole bunch of us are hungry and getting dramatic about it.. and so glad to see the bride's parents make some dal and rice. unfortunately the dal was just that. cooked dal with salt in it.
but that detail is imp for later. not now....

so the next big thing is the dance practice. coz the girls are dancing. and while guys might not understand this... here's a tip. i know u think its just a dance ... and ur being nice.. and kind. but offering me ( a last min arrival ) a place in the dance, without the express approval of ur wife [ who's co-ordinating the dance ] and then not understanding her frantic horror as her mind races to think of costume, position disruptions, steps, sequence, and all the rest of the chaos... i mean i find it funny. YOU are just gonna hear about it later, when ur alone with ur wife :P

so K needs to learn the dance? and guess what. they give him 30 minutes :D
and guess what again?? the only guy who can teach him the steps is the worst dancer in the group...
so i'm sitting there, grinning away and attempting to take some candid shots using my trusty 3 Mpixel camera and i see K with a half horrified-with-jaw-dropped-to-the floor expression and half sheepish expression on his face, refusing to move his limbs. finally S got thoroughly disgusted with the both of us and shooed me out the room...
later heard that it didn't help much!

sorry K :P

so there was that and then the lunch. and then we had to go back home and we went through some awful winding twisted roads and then i threw up. stopped the car again and i threw up... went for a small jaunt along the road and ugh threw up again... went home and completed the whole process of throwing up. ugh.

dude. rice and dal is so not happening dude.

well anyways the wedding in the evening was fun. we had dances, dinner, and a dj party. wedding started around 10 in the night. and yes u guessed right, by then we were all freezing and clustered around the warming burner thingies.

ok i gotta run so let me hurry this up.

within the hour, we were all shivering and holed up in cars and nodding off. while some ppl fortified themselves against the cold, using the age old remedy of whiskey and rum. :P

ok ok. i'm late am late...
man - o - man. fantastic wedding. a lil cold. loads of fun ^_^
never do THAT again :P

oh and about the bride and groom?
groom: north indian. works in cali
bride: west indies, third gen indian. new to the US. trinidad to be exact.
romanced online for 6 years. and in all met for 15 days in person.
heyy, and u thot i had a wierd story... [ oh that's right, i haven't even told u my story :P ]

anyhoo ... wish u both the very best ... uhhh [ what were they're names again?? ] ... uhhh C and ... and.... [ i want to say R , but that can't be right ] ...c and U!!!
yup that's they're names.. C&U. congrats to u guys!!

now i HAVE to run
see ya!

std disclaimer: i dont know if all this happend, or if the whole thing was one big hallucination. if you were there, and nothing i said co-incides with your perception of reality, please don't tell the medics in the white coats i've started hallucinating again. as long as i don't burn down this building too, i don't think they really mind all that much....

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