Friday, June 19, 2009

sLow aS a TurTLe woULd bE inSuLtiNG

9:48 AM

9 - 5. gOOD LORD. how can it get any MORE painful :(

10:19 AM
so i'm here in santa clara today and my friend pings me if i can stay back. now i really really wanna. :(
but i didn't get any clothes ya know.. and now i have to listen to all these ppl, go oonnnnnn and oooooonnnnnnnnnn [ uuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk ]
so they're explaining something to the planning guy. omg they are going into such RANDOM crap stuff....... i don't get ANY of it. why the heck am i hereeeeeeee.
hmmmmm.......i wonder what's a good b'day gift for P.

11:47 AM
i am BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEED. sommmmmmmeeeeeeeboodddddddyyyyyyy saaaaaaaaavveeeee me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.
i wonder what other's are doing this weekend.....

1:12 PM
omg have u read the news? u shud u shud. ok i forgot what i wanted to write...
ooooh btw want to buy D a baby crib as part of her baby shower!!!
awesome no ? and forget K's friends who'll mob our wedding :P my entire batch seems ready to have the 5 yr reunion out there in mlore :D
awesome !! no?
i wonder what other's are doing for labor day weekend...

1:23 PM
ok so there are russians, the french, some east asian, some indians and then americans in this meeting. god awful mess. they are frickin BORING me !! >_<
hmmmmmmmm.......i wonder wat others are doing during xmas break....

3:45 PM
OMG the russian doesn't understand the french dude who doesnt understand the chinese who doesn't understand the indian .....
i think i'll blow my brains out......

4:00 PM
everyone shut up.
i think my brain is beginning to atrophy. dude! stop. no really stop. ok one more hour to go.. sigh.
i wondr what ppl are doing right now. mebe i shud go downtown tomoro. just to see the library...hmm wonder what time the train schedule runs... huh? wat? yeah i work on the SDK. huh? no no.
[ good lord god knows wat they asked. but i said no and i'm sticking with... huh? java?? good lord. i don't know java. heyy. heyy wait. don't stab that guy with the plastic knife!! i mean i know he's annoying.... ]


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