Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rAdiO uPdaTeS

so what is it with people?

that we think we're the center of the universe??

ok ok b4 all that i know i've been a tad tardy , in not writing regularly. wat with the constant travelling, falling sick, cleaning the house and work. and ahem.. err.. some other stuff. i haven't found much time :P

its not that writing is not imp. its just that more and more i realize being in angst is an imp part of being a writer?? [ yup be a gud writer, be miserable forever! sad ]
ok that's just plain BS. its just that i had nothing to write about. plain and simple.
i mean sure, my friends gf proposed to his roomate { !! waaaaaatf !! :O ]
and sure all hell broke loose in P's house when they found out about his almost live in relationship. and suuuuure 2 of my friends are ready to buy a house. but that's not muu..... alriiiiiiiiight i admit it. i'm actually Working these days. in the office dude. so those hours & hours of endless hrs of creativity no longer.... exist.

sigh. but really. summer is a pretty hectic month. and omg do i have SO MUCH to tell u guys !!

ok < rubbing my hands together > where should i start ?

now you all remember H, right? with the crazy psycho gf. ok ok so we all know that they weren't officially going around. but just hanging out like 28 hrs a day...
and then she went and proposed to his ROOMMATE !!! :O
omg what is this? like a soap opera something !!
so now the dude is heartbroken [ kind of ] and then she has the gall to tell him , she just hung out with him so she cud make that roomie jealous!!!

oh.... my.... GOD

so now he just feels disgusted.


july 4th coming up ppl. what are your plans??
A's off to montana. with 3 other ppl. driving there. from portland. yup with just 3 days, u can imaging they're just gonna touch the glacier and head back !!!
i'm off to eastern oregon !! :)
its gonna be awesome ! no camping and all this time.
spent the whole day morning trying to convince useless cali ppl to join us. but they're chickening out. actually only N is being such a ninny. I herby propose that N is kidnapped. bound hand and foot and the rest of u drive up north. once she's here, she'll have fun. you'll see.


oh.......my.......GOD. forgot to tell the most imp news. EVER.
mommy dearest landing. july 17th. here. yes HERE. uh OH. i have visions of carrot salads and papaya juice running through my mind. OMG she's here for 2 months.



brain froze... can't..... breathe.

:P kidding. it'll be awesome!


ppl have started asking about weddings, honeymoons [ !!waaaaaat!! ], sari's, jewelry < permanent horrified expression tatooed on my face >. u know this is where i really envy u guys. if anyone asks you about a ring or a dress, u can proudly proclaim ur cluelessness and no one is gonna look shocked.
now if 'I' say, "who knows, i'm clueless. just throw something together, shud be fine"
not only do i have to contend with shocked looks. i also have to deal with pointed fingers and the shaking heads. { oh god pls anything but the ppl shaking they're heads ] i mean really. ask me what food i like. i'll give u list. don't ask me if i like zardari sari's < name made up. coz, really. gimme a break willya? i don't know even one kind to write about it > and don't talk about mauve. [ wat the heck is mauve. sounds like the something the cat wud say while tearing the sari to shreds. here. mauve. take ur sari in 2 pieces ]


2 of my friends are planning to get houses. both of them females [ what's with females and needing a house? i do not know. but i'm one.. by all means i shud. shudn't i? k random rambling... change the topic. quick. ]
so both plan to leave the country in 5 yrs? [ ya right ]
atleast one plans to have a baby next yr [ yes, the horrified expression is back ]
both have lazy ass partners who refuse to mow the lawn [ infact A's bf hasn't even held a vaccuum cleaner in the last 9 months i was here ]

oh wat fun this is gonna be :P
actually i think they're just gonna get extra help to clean the house. never mind that right now, i seem to be that extra help.

well gud luck to u both. and hope u spend that 8k well!!


ok that's it for now. unless i leave u with a few pics. oooooh now THAT i can do :P next post. see ya!!

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