Thursday, June 18, 2009

jUst iN gEnEraL

k so i've been a lil tardy... now now we can move past that can't we.
now now, calm urself Wilson, what's a lil tardiness between friends

anyways u totally have to know what i've been upto last couple of weeks dude... dudette.

so one weekend, i went to cali for the friend's wedding. did i already tell u about that? then last weekend was P's b'day party. we went camping .. well sort of on the beach. awesome fun!! played mafia till 3 in the morning!
and then....played on the beach. played with other dogs... [ waaaaaaaaaah i wanna a dog too!!! ], went to the newport aquarium!! [ OMG they had an octopus. and sea otters... and sea lions and ... :O ]
watched a budding romance developing right before my eyes. [ so what if the completely clueless dude's mom was right there just go for it S!!! ;P ]
P cut his cake on the beach in a nook, overlooking the sea.... admired the sea.. stayed in a yurt.

well and then u know we got back and did the whole R's b'day thing.

aaaaah gud days.

ooooh oooooh so yest i went for a walk [ now before u make some smartass comment, let me tell you that they were watching DDLJ at home. puhlease i'd rather poke my eyes out than watch... well actually mebe DDLJ aint so bad. its mohabbatein, i'd rather poke my eyes out than watch... ] so when i was getting back i saw the cutest dog EVER. apparently it's a maltese poodle, but it didn't look like the maltese poodle pics online...else wud have inserted one right about here ->
but still it was a lil bigger than average M.poodles and grey and white and oh so friendly!!

ooooh i wish i cud get a dog :)

does everyone also go through a point in their childhood when they want to become a vet ??? :D
omg me toooooo.

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