Thursday, June 11, 2009

aNgELs wEep

so we all go to see a movie, u know... one of those crazy weekend days.

ok now the only movie that was playing in that particular theatre was apparently angels and demons.


so we're off to see the movie.. and now i really don't want to offend anyone who actually liked the movie. but really?? i mean REALLY?? mebe u were just confused that you like it :P

thankfully K and I, are both not such big fans of religious and science mumbo jumbo. infact i'd say 'someone' has even less patience with the rubbish than I do.

what else can you do? if you're thoroughly bored, and suddenly everything goes kind of silent during a lull in the movie. a whole bunch of cardinals come on the screen and suddenly out of nowhere, the person sitting next to u points at the screen and shouts, "what the heck, you cross dressing bastards!! "



yeah... between furiously trying to shush a bored guy , cringing in my seat and trying to avoid accusing eyes of devout religious ppl.. i had a gud time i should say....

seriously though, i dunno wat u guys thought, but me and my friend were the only one's laughing our heads off in the movie. i mean come ON. anti-matter??? pope-elect?? seriously... WHO CARES??
oh jeez but i can't be too harsh. seeing how i did not actually SEE the entire movie. more like heard it in my sleep, while i was dozing off to glory land atleast half the movie. who knew loud constant noise would be such a sweet lullaby.. yaaaaawn.

atleast one of the good things of going to a movie with K is that now i no longer have to calculate my seat in the row.

wazzat ?? kabab mein haddi??

naa naaa naa we're no longer haddi. now we're kabab


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