Monday, June 15, 2009

aLL iN a daY's wOrK

uffff toooo many b'days this month:)
AND u ppl really don't know how to tell a story !! :O [ must i do EVERYthing?? :D ]
ok so the story goes like this. atleast one of the stories of this weekend...

so we're rushing back from the camping trip [ that story's later honey ] to plan the surprise. we still have only a vague idea of what we're gonna do. none of us have phones to find out where R has disappeared with her hubby !!!
[ right. we need some context set here...backup a sec

basically R and P's b'day this weekend, ok? now P's gf planned this whole camping extravaganza surprise trip for him from sat morn to sun evening. 9 of us go to the beach and party for 2 days. but R's husband has to work, so he's planned this midnight cake cutting thing on sat night. result? we're not around for R's b'day party on sat night and the whole day sunday!!! :O MAJOR UH OH. >_<
[ now ofcourse i panic. and we're thinking - "ok we'll come back on sunday and do something... it's the best we can do.. see? so we're calling and calling a dozen times, but the happy couple have disappeared. later on, everyone's phone just dies. ]

so we rush back.. get the candles, baloons, cake , etc
rush to the park next door. its got a mini-forest. initially we think of setting up in the clearing inside the that the trees shelter the candles u know?
then we contemplate getting into jail for creating a fire hazard... then we also contemplate how much R means to us vs jail time, and finally we contemplate if R would bail us out...

so we go to the lawn sheltered by some trees and set up all the stuff out there on and around the side table ( all purpose target side table.. has been a stand for 5 b'days so far :P ). the whole kaboodle. lit candles around the table. cake on it. helium balloons tied down by stones/twigs... something... it's almost 11.
convince a shocked S that we won't set oregon on fire...

it's 11 in the night. an hour to go and her b'day is officially over...

i rush to get R, do some natak, 'borrow' a scarf. blindfold her with it. [ hehehehe. THAT was funny!! "heyy, can i borrow a scarf?? ok now turn around, i need to blindfold u ]

get her in the car with her voice all high and squeaky and doing nakras... ( i can't trust QoD's driving...yada yada yada )

when we come to the park, the stupid gates are closed. so I park outside.. haphazardly. barely not scratching the neighboring car...and all the while madam is like "omg where are we going..." :D
[ dude, u've been in the car for 3 minutes, we're not in cali for sure!! ]
and then we get her /half drag her to the spot. she loses her chappal halfway. her poor hubby has to do the honors of putting her foot in the chappal....

and we removed the blindfold.


in the end

bag of candles: 10 bucks
glass candle holders: 10 bucks
helium balloons: 5 bucks
table: 30 bucks
cake: 20 bucks
princess tiara with pink fluff on it: 2 bucks

R's expression.... priceless


so she finally cuts the cake.

and the sprinklers go off.

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