Thursday, June 18, 2009

rAnDom sciENce

this is interesting.

Self Refilling bowls are not a good idea. obviously!!!

oh i don't know, its just interesting that's all. just like the other study on the memory boundaries we make to retain an image in our heads...


now the NEXT study is even MORE interesting. coz it directly pertains to the way my roommate shops :P she TOTALLY believes that high priced stuff is ALWAYS better than the same object bought in a lower priced store. sorry babes.... but ... no comments :D

price-placebo effect

the biggest takeaway from the above article is that
People assume that they perceive reality as it is, that our senses accurately record the outside world. Yet the science suggests that, in important ways, people experience reality not as it is, but as they expect it to be.
-Jonah Lehrer

WHOA!! backup a second!! THAT's EXACTLY wat Krishna said in the bhagavad geetha :P
reality is an illusion!


also there's this random statement i read somewhere that has stuck with me ....

virginity is only an obsession in societies that are concerned with property rights. in the sense of knowing paternal rights and so forth....
interesting ha??

oooh another nice article
weathering the storm

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