Monday, November 26, 2007

hArd tO sTAy aWaKE

pufff ... uffff

man either i am really outta shape, or I've lost it. i cudnt walk much today... from the bus stand to school. am not that bad usually. i can usually make it to class.

think its the old problem thats come back. i think i'm really sick. no no ! not that way u perverts.
i mean i think i'm ill. one of the worst things is i can't go running home to mommy now. i gotta somehow survive out here..

its not that bad. lot of ppl get sick. no am not trying out for the martyrs awards...
not being brave or anything. ofcourse i am incredibly stupid. never take my pills when i shud. just too forgetful. more imp things in life. like sleeping and gazing up at the ceiling. i need to get out of my room. had enuf of it...

yaaaawn am tired. i need to sleep. bunked classes today. to sleep. 3 more weeks ppl ... 3 more weeks..

1 comment:

  1. 2 mor doc. 2 mor!
    Take care n wake up soon :P
    see u in class today!