Tuesday, November 13, 2007

iNtErviEW bEgOnE

i hate interviews. i don't perform well , as a general rule... I know something , i freeze up. and completely go blank. u know those interviews where they just want you to keep trying till u get somewhere? man those are soooo not for me ...
i keel over and fall apart. and its really a sad sight !! pathetic. a grown woman falling apart.

one of my worst interview questions was "what is a sine wave" and i started dumbly at the female. WAT A DORK !! ofcourse i knew wat a sine wave was. and by all means she was a biology major. perhaps that was her toughest math question. but for the life of me i could not come up with an answer. i just froze completely and to add injury to insult i had travelled miles for that interview. a couppla hundred.

so the saga continues out here. i hate interviews and normally would avoid them like the plague.

hey i can work dammit. with all my modesty , let me tell you that i can work. day and night and my results aint that bad either. i clip on at a decent pace.
but interviews? just had my first telephonic interview and i have to say, some of the questions were really silly if i had done my basic preperation. no no, thankfully i was not asked to explain a sine wave, but i was asked explain how the z transform is mapped graphically to a fourier transform

and i was like .... uuuuuuhhhhh what do you mean?
and obviously he explained and i was like.. man i shud know this stuff.

but then ... if i think about it a bit, its like i'm sabotaging myself at every
mebe i DON't WANT a job. mebe all am doing is pretending to try and keep failing so that i got a legit excuse for not working.. so that i dont feel guilty..

ugh....too..... much... psychology.
brain... overloadin......

ofcourse the pathetic part is , if u really really wanted to get in. its pretty easy to get into half these places.. all u had to do was read a couple of things before the interview to get the brain working. and review some basics...
which ofcourse. am too lazy to do. think i gave about 8 interviews so far. it looks more and more like my undergrad.. the gud thing about mathworks is , they didnt ask me if i had a personal web page. thats the gud thing.
i hate companies that ask me if i have a personal web page...

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  1. You surely could have pointed them here for your personal webpage. Unless, for the fact that you really dont want to work for them :D