Thursday, November 22, 2007

hApPy pLaCEs

i'm in love

love with a song.

happens once in a while.
i think its the insane need of a human to be in love with something or the other.. i was thinking of all my posts.. naaah i don't have the patience to read them..
i was thinking of that one day when i was enjoying the sun and the skies...

and the blue blue sky and thinking of the song i was in love with.

hey, if ppl can irrationally fall for someone ... i can fall for a song can't i ?
no not the singer. just the song. not even the voice of the song, but the song. its existence in the world proves that beauty can be wrought out of nothing. and as long as ppl continue to cr8 such beauty there is hope yet for mankind :P

ok call me a hopeless romantic. but only in this regard !!! ha ! just coz i believe there is hope yet.
close ur eyes and listen to the song... and imagine ... blue blue skies...
and birds.. blue birds flying lazily across that sky. of white puffy clouds. and then imagine that you cud sing with a voice straight from the heavens and that u sat on a mountain top with a rusty ol' guitar and strummed to ur hearts content...

and there'd be a lake nearby where the sky wud be reflected perfectly ...
oh wait i think i got a picture which resembles this slice of heaven :P

so imagine ur there, u've got a cup of chai... and ur singin this song.

now u know i'm in love.
in love with a song .......

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