Monday, November 12, 2007

mY sChOoL


here's something i never knew !!

My dept. ok ok the ece dept of CMU ? is ranked 4th for phd !!!
i mean. think again. WOW we beat MIT.

read it here
College rankings

we came in 4th in the electrical and 8th or so in the computers section.

and we didnt do so bad in other areas also.. 6th in robotics. infact we are the only school that shows up twice in the computers list ??? (but mebe i had myopia :P)

I am sooo proud of my school today !

on another note i think i got some gud news...
i think i got a phd seat in florida. its a small school many ways a complete opposite of cmu.. but then i think i won't lose my sanity there. AND i may not go bald.
now thats surely an incentive !!!


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