Sunday, December 2, 2007

fiNaLs aRe hEre

being a person with OCD , doesn't help at all... ok ... so i started the story from the middle , but isn't that the best way to tell a story ???
start at the middle, go any which way you please based on a random prob generator and then hit the beginning somewhere along the way....

if your lucky, your listeners will be so muddled you can then ask them for lunch, then they might just look dazed and hand you the money.. or bring you lunch. either ways your good. ;P

ok i've started rambling again, not a good sign..this is what happens , end of sem..

this week has been gud, all my old friends started pingin me , one by one.. u know .. friends from my old gang.. reminds me of how close we were. ok we used to bitch a lot. but its like the siblings thing.. u know like brothers and sisters.. have you watched that show? we're all like that...

yeah i miss them, and i don't know when i'd get to see them again ... everyone keeps asking me how come i'm not going home.. i don't know. the thought never crossed my mind. am sure when next summer i'll look equally puzzled. hey what do i do at home? when i got research piled up all around me out here.. mebe its coz i JUST CANNOT imagine booking a two way ticket to go home..

but all thats besides the point.. so everyone is going home..for the winter.. for the christmas.. hols and cheer and all that bunk..
thats nice.

even ppl who went 6 months ago are going home.. thats nice..

last 2 weeks of school and things are heating up. its great. but this sem was pretty slow compared to last sem.. don't even rem the last month of spring.. but here i am, excruciatingly aware of each minute...
well its the last sem of crazy subjects i hope.. nowhere closer to the answer than when i started out.. but then we don't want to start talking about that ! wrong time wrong place..

ok ok
am going
have rambled enough for today.
you'll get a disaster update after all the exams are done :P

have a gud dec folks.. 07 is almost over and boy was it a ride !

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