Monday, November 5, 2007

eAt oUT

Its been a while since i actually wrote something..
all of one week.

seems like one my blessed mater stops annoying me, i don't have much grievance with the universe.

now what i did notice is this... there are some people and then there are some people..
amazingly vague isn't it? :P
well there is this guy. he's sitting next to me right now in class... and i feel amazingly clandestine, posting this with him right next to me .. :P
but i think in 2 months of school, he's spent every single day eating free food in school. every SINGLE day.

not bought food a single day. not cooked not shopped. every single day find out where you get free food, in school .. and then go have it.

amazing. u just have to appreciate some people who get around. you just have to.

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