Friday, November 23, 2007

bLaCK FriDaY

i went shopping today and the whole mass consumerism ? it drove me nuts !

it was insane ! the place just sucked the energy out of me !! i cudnt believe the ppl running around , buying stuff as if it was paper clips.. no seriously !! u shud have seen the bags.. and am sure half the stuff they wudnt even need.
talking about stuff ppl don't need, you shud meet my roommate. i contend that ppl don't need half the stuff they own. and if you've seen her, you've probably seen it all... now seriously tell me. does anyone really care that i don't have more than 20 shirts and invariably repeat them after 20 days... considering that i go home only once in 3 days now.. i don't think it even matters....
i don't think i need that many clothes or shoes or jackets.. i don't need color coordinated stuff.. pink shoes for pink bags ? and matching earrings to boot ??? jackets in different shades of colors ?? and socks to match ??? who the heck cares !! and is that the only way to make yourself feel better?

having better stuff. applying gunk to our faces. wearing pretty jewelry ....ugh ! granted once in a while i DO like to dress up and feel nice. but thats more of a novelty. i wud rather feel better about myself if i solved complex code. or if i got a 100 in all my assignments .. THAT is more important right now. somehow. if i did a thesis worthy of some research.. that wud be way too cool..

THAT is important...

i have to admit. i caved. completely in a couple of hours. lost my bag. roamed half the mall searching for it... looking very forlorn , coz i had bought this ONE THING and then promptly lost it.found my bag. came home and slept for 5 straight hours. i bought one pair of shoes. woohooo my one victory against shopping :P
yeah yeah i know its pathetic ...
i think i'll go back to the time tested model ... get my mom to shop for me !!!
it can't go wrong.. ofcourse occasionally i do end up with bright purple tank tops ...or fiery green skirts...or shoes that i wudnt be caught dead in...or shirts that i wud rather see burnt, than worn by anyone... ( ok ok i know awright !)

sigh.. i really need to buy my own stuff don't i ? go to a shop and peruse through millions of racks of clothes .. oh curse the variety that exists for females !!! aah well mebe purple IS my color ??? mebe i cud learn to love yellow shirts ???

ugh !

hey my code in 551 now works !!! now i wonder if it wud work better if i moved from the pure eigensubspace to a discriminant subspace. or mebe i shud really try multiclass support vector machines...

ps: happy thanksgiving again folks.. hope u still have ur mind after the mind numbing shopping spree !!!

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  1. The scene at Robinson was no different. I ended up with a whooping $200+ shopping spree. Though, not where my heart belongs!
    I appreciate ur post, for giving the world a glimpse of the nerdy doc;-)