Monday, June 4, 2007

sTAy awAY frOm tHE bAnK

Listen carefully and u'll hear an old old soul talk back to you.
echoes of an era gone by, of a past that you'd rather deny.

close your eyes and listen.
absolute tosh ? maybe , but hey the song is still darn good.

oh what the heck , i had a minor disaster today. since listening to my escapades and laughing at me is the only way to brighten ur day, i'll tell you all bout it.
so i wanted to check my account balance , and i found i had forgotten my online banking passwd. i wanted to reset that, but i had forgotten my debit card pin. i wanted to reset that but i did not know if i even had a telephone banking pin. i wanted to reset everything and called customer care , but when they asked for an account number i realized i had lost my cheque book. thats the book that has the account number printed on it.
u see where this is going ? yes am loosing my mind. thank you for telling me. now i need to go order a new cheque book.
now, where's my phone ?

oh darn !! .....

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