Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bReaKinG nEWs

so i got some friends. i dont say many.
thats like a ....totally relative term. there are ofcourse folks on this blessed planet with like ..a gazillion friends. not me. i got SOME.

23 to be exact.

now u know a person is pathetic if a 4 year old can count upto the number of their friends.
u know.
how? oh tosh don't bug me.

so , now i try to keep in touch with them, see? like everyday i ping them and ask them how they are.. see?
and the most common question of all time is "so wats new?"

new? NEW ?? WAT the heck can BE FREAKING NEW ??? i spoke to you last night before i fell asleep. and its been , wat ? 12 hours since then ????? i was asleep for TEN of those hours. so WHAT in the world makes u think that theres something NEW ???? no there isn't anything new. stop pestering me will ya. i just wanted to say hi coz ur in the order of rotation. see ? ur the 17th person in my list and i'll ping you on the 22nd of every month.
u do ur dance, i'll do mine. and we'll call it done. theres no NEED to ping me in b/w u know. coz i've already updated u with all the news yesterday.
I NEED ANOTHER freaking MONTH to collect the NEW and scoop it to you.

kapeeeesh ????

hmmmmmph. ppl.

huh, if they knew how boring my life actually was , they wudn't even be caught dead talking to me. u really want to know watsup ?
here's some breaking news for u. i finally saw page 3.
4 &%^$**&^ YEARS after it got released.

how pathetic is that ?? there's your NEW. go **^&%%%^ up your &^%$^%#$ .....

oh great , now i have only 2 friends. and thats coz THEY haven't read this yet.
oh darn , now I gotta reschedule.


  1. So, what's my number??

  2. oh wow ur still talking to me ??? ur a true friend :D