Friday, June 29, 2007

mOrE tO iT

Am in a hillarious mood today,

my boss is off for a meeting and I can peacefully pretend to work without having to worry about getting caught.

Yesterday I found my 2 absolute favourite cartoons online, and i can really look forward to a very nice cartoon filled weekend.
I remembered the joy of reading "The wheel of time" and i, once again, have hope in my heart that I can get hold of the remaining 8 books of the series.
Its a really long story. 12 books long.

in my idyllic , dreamy state, i think of how heaven wud be like.
whats your idea of heaven ?

mine is a library, filled with comfy chairs and butlers serving chocolates.
mebe some idli sambar also.

cool. dark , soothing and peaceful. like the mellon institute library. now thats a library !!
none of that new fangled modern tables and chairs and rude lighting thats designed to keep you awake.
this library calls you and says , its ok to fall asleep in one of its sofas.

not many ppl around .... plenty of nooks and cranies so you can pretend you have the whole library to yourself.

if i had to spend a lifetime on this planet. i'd rather spend it here than anywhere else......

aaaah.. makes a nice picture doesn't it ??

there's more to life than just grades and degrees and making a living folks. trust me there's more.

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