Sunday, June 24, 2007

i'LL dO iT TomORRow

in the last 2 days i've watched 4 movies.
my eyes water coz theyr completly overstrained.

ton of things left undone. i guess not only am the queen of disaster am also empress of procrastination.
how many times have you simply put of things for later when you KNEW you shud be doing that thing right bout now ??
the phone call to an old friend, that email to the prof.
the weekly shopping, the phone bill, all of the bills....

whaddaya mean never?

oh come on dont tell me ur one of them ? the one's who do stuff on time.
who have to-do lists ?
who organize, categorize, exteriorize ???

gaawd u gimme the heejie beejies.

hmmmmph so YOU ARE one of them. the mass that keep things in their place. who remember!!!
ur phone is ALWAYS charged. NO chance that once in 3 days ur stranded coz ur phone is dead coz of low battery.
no chance YOU forget ur laptop charger in some obscure corner of the campus and then spend a couple of hours trudging around searching for it....
NO chance that when its reeeeall important no one can reach u coz ur phone is dead, ur laptop is dead and ur stuck miles from home with no money.....

ofcourse these things cud NEVER happen to u....

me? oh heavens no. i'm very careful too !
wat do u take me for ??

i was just talking of ......ummmm......aaaahhh .....of my friend.
yeah thats it ! my friend. she keeps getting into these scrapes all the time.

u an me. we're totally the same.

no no i know ur not convinced. i'll call you and explain..

oh darn !! the phone is dead.

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