Monday, June 25, 2007

beAUTiFuLL dAy

yesterday was the first time.

the first time i did it.

i sat in Barnes and Knobles for the first time and read a Calvin and Hobbes book.

I had a chocolate Orios dream brownie while doing it.

It was sooooo freakin AWESOME !!!! :P

man, i thot i had died and landed in heaven. ofcourse the friend I was with , fell right asleep in front of me. sorry pal, but you gotta do watcha gotta do, right ??
supposed to go to the mall shopping, and buy stuff. which was a gud plan to start with.
until we were at a loose end for a while and i thot , what the heck, lets spend halh hour in this place. never done it before and friend needed a coffee.

3 hours , 2 coffees later, friend fast asleep. me finishing up a whole book. and very very pleased. it was a TOTAL HIGH DUDE :P



heeeeh. life is gud now.
best part is that ofcourse its there back home too.. i shud have done this sooner..
aargh i wasted 2 yrs .....

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  1. Gawsh... that sounds amazing...

    "yesterday was the first time.

    the first time i did it."

    Man, I was xpektin paparazzi here :D